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510             UNCLE TOMS CABIN.; OR
" I won't go! " said Legree, with an oath.
" Why not ? There an't any such thing as ghosts, you know! Come! " and Cassy flitted up the winding stair­way, laughing, and looking back after him. " Come on."
" I believe you are the devil! " said Legree. " Come back, you hag, — come back, Cass ! You shan't go ! "
But Cassy laughed wildly, and fled on. He heard her open the entry doors that led to the garret. A wild gust of wind swept down, extinguishing the candle he held in his hand, and with it the fearful, unearthly screams; they seemed to be shrieked in his very ear.
Legree fled frantically into the parlor, whither, in a few moments, he was followed by Cassy, pale, calm, cold as an avenging spirit, and with that same fearful light in her eye.
" I hope you are satisfied," said she.
" Blast you, Cass ! " said Legree.
" What for ? " said Cassy. " I only went up and shut the doors. What's the matter with that garret, Simon, do you suppose ? " said she.
" None of your business ! " said Legree.
" Oh, it an't ? Well," said Cassy, " at any rate, I 'm glad / don't sleep under it."
Anticipating the rising of the wind, that very evening, Cassy had been up and opened the garret window. Of course, the moment the doors were opened, the wind had drafted down, and extinguished the light.
This may serve as a specimen of the game that Cassy played with Legree, until he would sooner have put his head into a lion's mouth than to have explored that gar­ret. Meanwhile, in the night, when everybody else was asleep, Cassy slowly and carefully accumulated there a stock of provisions sufficient to afford subsistence for some time ; she transferred, article by article, a greater part of her own and Emmeline's wardrobe. All things being arranged, they only waited a fitting opportunity to put their plan in execution.