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512             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
must stay in that garret a good while; for, I tell you, he will raise heaven and earth after us. He '11 muster some of those old overseers on the other plantations, and have a great hunt; and they '11 go over every inch of ground in that swamp. He makes it his boast that nobody ever got away from him. So let him hunt at his leisure."
" Cassy, how well you have planned it! " said Emme-line. " Who ever would have thought of it, but you ? "
There was 'neither pleasure nor exultation in Cassy's eyes, only a despairing firmness.
" Come," she said, reaching her hand to Emmeline.
The two fugitives glided noiselessly from the house, and flitted, through the gathering shadows of evening, along by the quarters. The crescent moon, set like a silver signet in the western sky, delayed a little the approach of night. As Cassy expected, when quite near the verge of the swamps that encircled the plantation, they heard a voice calling to them to stop. It was not Sambo, however, but Legree, who was pursuing them with violent execrations. At the sound, the feebler spirit of Emmeline gave way ; and, laying hold of Cassy's arm, she said, " Oh, Cassy, I 'm going to faint! "
" If you do, I '11 kill you!' said Cassy, drawing a small, glittering stiletto, and flashing it before the eyes of the girl.
The diversion accomplished the purpose. Emmeline did not faint, and succeeded in plunging, with Cassy, inta a part of the labyrinth of swamp, so deep and dark that it was perfectly hopeless for Legree to think of following them, without assistance.
" Well," said he, chuckling brutally; " at any rate, they 've got themselves into a trap now the baggages! They 're safe enough. They shall sweat for it!'
" Hulloa, there ! Sambo ! Quimbo J All hands ! " called Legree, coming to the quarters, when the men and women were just returning from work. " There 's two runaways in the swamps. I '11 give five dollars to any nigger as