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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY             513
catches 'em. Turn out the dogs! Turn out Tiger, and Fury, and the rest! "
The sensation produced by this news was immediate. Many of the men sprang forward, officiously, to offer their services, either from the hope of the reward, or from that cringing subserviency which is one of the most baleful effects of slavery. Some ran one way, and some another. Some were for getting flambeaux of pine-knots. Some were uncoupling the dogs, whose hoarse, savage bay added not a little to the animation of the scene.
" Mas'r, shall we shoot 'em, if we can't cotch 'em ? " said Sambo, to whom his master brought out a rifle.
" You may fire on Cass, if you like ; it's time she was gone to the devil, where she belongs; but the gal, not," said Legree. " And now, boys, be spry and smart. Five dollars for him that gets 'em; and a glass of spirits to every one of you, anyhow."
The whole band, with the glare of blazing torches, and whoop, and shout, and savage yell, of man and beast, pro­ceeded down to the swamp, followed, at some distance, by every servant in the house. The establishment was, of a consequence, wholly deserted, when Cassy and Emmeline glided into it the back way. The whooping and shouts of their pursuers were still filling the air ; and, looking from the sitting-room windows, Cassy and Emmeline could see the troop, with their flambeaux, just dispersing themselves along the edge of the swamp.
" See there ! " said Emmeline, pointing to Cassy ; " the hunt is begun! Look how those lights dance about! Hark! the dogs! Don't you hear?' If we were only there, our chance would n't be worth a picayune. Oh, for pity's sake, do let's hide ourselves. Quick ! "
" There 's no occasion for hurry," said Cassy, coolly; " they are all out after the hunt, — that's the amusement of the evening! We '11 go upstairs, by and by. Mean­while," said she, deliberately taking a key from the pocket of a coat that Legree had thrown down in his hurry, " meanwhile, I shall take something to pay our passage."