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514             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
She unlocked the desk, took from it a roll of bills, which she counted over rapidly.
" Oh, don't let's do that! " said Emmeline.
" Don't! " said Cassy; " why not ? Would you have us starve in the swamps, or have that that will pay our way to the free States ? Money will do anything, girl." And, as she spoke, she put the money in her bosom.
" It would be stealing," said Emmeline, in a distressed whisper.
" Stealing! " said Cassy, with a scornful laugh. " They who steal body and soul need n't talk to us. Every one of these bills is stolen, — stolen from poor, starving, sweating creatures, who must go to the devil at last, for his profit. Let him talk about stealing! But come, we may as well go up garret; I 've got a stock of candles there, and some books to pass away the time. You may be pretty sure they won't come there to inquire after us. If they do, I'll play ghost for them."
When Emmeline reached the garret, she found an im­mense box, in which some heavy pieces of furniture had once been brought, turned on its side, so that the opening faced the wall, or rather the eaves. Cassy lit a small lamp, and, creeping round under the eaves, they established themselves in it. It was spread with a couple of small mattresses and some pillows; a box near by was plenti­fully stored with candles, provisions, and all the clothing necessary to their journey, which Cassy had arranged into bundles of an astonishingly small compass.
" There," said Cassy, as she fixed the lamp into a small hook, which she had driven into the side of the box for that purpose ; " this is to be our home for the present. How do you like it ? "
" Are you sure they won't come and search the garret ? '
" I 'd like to see Simon Legree doing that," said Cassy. " No, indeed; he will be too glad to keep away. As to the servants, they would any of them stand and be shot sooner than show their faces here."