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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            527
He owned to that, and, when I bid him tell me where they was, he up and said he knew, but he would n't tell ; and stood to it, though I gave him the cussedest flogging I ever gave nigger yet. I b'lieve he 's trying to die ; but I don't know as he '11 make it out."
" Where is he ? " said George, impetuously. " Let me see him." The cheeks of the young man were crimson, and his eyes flashed fire; but he prudently said nothing, as yet.
" He 's in dat ar shed," said a little fellow, who stood holding George's horse.
Legree kicked the boy, and swore at him ; but George, without saying another word, turned and strode to the spot.
Tom had been lying two days since the fatal night; not suffering, for every nerve of suffering was blunted and destroyed. He lay, for the most part, in a quiet stupor; for the laws of a powerful and well-knit frame would not at once release the imprisoned spirit. By stealth, there had been there, in the darkness of the night, poor, deso­lated creatures, who stole from their scanty hours' rest, that they might repay to him some of those ministrations of love in which he had always been so abundant. Truly, those poor disciples had little to give, — only the cup of cold water ; but it was given with full hearts.
Tears had fallen on that honest, insensible face, — tears of late repentance in the poor, ignorant heathen, whom his dying love and patience had awakened to repentance, and bitter prayers, breathed over him to a late-found Saviour, of whom they scarce knew more than the name, but whom the yearning ignorant heart of man never implores in vain.
Cassy, who had glided out of her place of concealment, and, by overhearing, learned the sacrifice that had been made for her and Emmeline, had been there, the night be­fore, defying the danger of detection; and, moved by the few last words which the affectionate soul had yet strength