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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            529
" Don't call me poor fellow ! " said Tom, solemnly. " I have been poor fellow; but that's all past and gone, now. I 'm right in the door, going into glory! Oh! Mas'r George ! Heaven has come ! I 've got the victory ! — the Lord Jesus has given it to me ! Glory be to his name !"
George was awe-struck at the force, the vehemence, the power, with which these broken sentences were uttered. He sat gazing in silence.
Tom grasped his hand, and continued, — " Ye must n't, now, tell Chloe, poor soul! how ye found me ; — 't would be so drefful to her. Only tell her ye found me going into glory; and that I could n't stay for no one. And tell her the Lord 's stood by me everywhere and al'ays, and made everything light and easy. And oh, the poor chil'en, and the baby! — my old heart's been most broke for 'em, time and agin ! Tell 'em all to follow me — fol­low me! Give my love to Mas'r, and dear good Missis, and everybody in the place! Ye don't know ! 'Pears like I loves 'em all! I loves every creatur' everywhar! — it's nothing but love ! Oh, Mas'r George, what a thing 't is to be a Christian ! "
At this moment, Legree sauntered up to the door of the shed, looked in, with a dogged air of affected carelessness, and turned away.
" The old Satan! ' said George, in his indignation. " It's a comfort to think the devil will pay him for this, some of these days ! "
" Oh, don't! — Oh, ye must n't! " said Tom, grasping his hand ; " he 's a poor mis'able crittur! it's awful to think on 't! Oh, if he only could repent, the Lord would forgive him now ; but I 'm 'feared he never will! '
" I hope he won't! " said George ; " I never want to see him in heaven! "
" Hush, Mas'r George ! — it worries me ! Don't feel so ! He ain't done me no real harm, — only opened the gate of the kingdom for me ; that's all! "