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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            539
" He has ? " said Madame de Thoux, quickly. " Thank God! "
George looked a surprised inquiry, but said nothing.
Madame de Thoux leaned her head on her hand, and burst into tears.
" He is my brother," she said.
" Madame! " said George, with a strong accent of sur­prise.
"Yes," said Madame de Thoux, lifting her head, proudly, and wiping her tears; "Mr. Shelby, George Harris is my brother! "
" I am perfectly astonished," said George, pushing back his chair a pace or two, and looking at Madame de Thoux.
" I was sold to the South when he was a boy," said she. " I was bought by a good and generous man. He took me with him to the West Indies, set me free, and married me. It is but lately that he died; and I was coming up to Kentucky, to see if I could find and redeem my brother."
" I have heard him speak of a sister Emily, that was sold South," said George.
" Yes, indeed ! I am the one," said Madame de Thoux ; — " tell me what sort of a " —
" A very fine young man," said George, " notwithstand­ing the curse of slavery that lay on him. He sustained a first-rate character, both for intelligence and principle. I know, you see," he said, "because he married in our family."
" What sort of a girl? " said Madame de Thoux, eagerly.
" A treasure," said George ; " a beautiful, intelligent, amiable girl. Very pious. My mother had brought her up, and trained her as carefully, almost, as a daughter. She could read and write, embroider and sew, beautifully; and was a beautiful singer."
" Was she born in your house ? " said Madame de Thoux.
" No. Father bought her once, in one of his trips to