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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            543
goes and opens it. The delighted — " Why ! — this you ? ' — calls up her husband ; and the good pastor of Amherst-burg is welcomed. There are two women with him, and Eliza asks them to sit down.
Now, if the truth must be told, the honest pastor had arranged a little programme, according to which this affair was to develop itself; and, on the way up, all had very cautiously and prudently exhorted each other not to let things out, except according to previous arrangement.
What was the good man's consternation, therefore, just as he had motioned to the ladies to be seated, and was taking out his pocket-handkerchief to wipe his mouth, so as to proceed to his introductory speech in good order, when Madame de Thoux upset the whole plan, by throw­ing her arms around George's neck, and letting all out at once, by saying, " Oh, George ! don't you know me ? I 'm your sister Emily."
Gassy had seated herself more composedly, and would have carried on her part very well, had not little Eliza suddenly appeared before her in exact shape and form, every outline and curl, just as her daughter was when she saw her last. The little thing peered up in her face ; and Cassy caught her up in her arms, pressed her to her bosom, sayings what at the moment she really believed, " Darling, I 'm your mother ! "
In fact, it was a troublesome matter to do up exactly in proper order ; but the good pastor, at last, succeeded in getting everybody quiet, and delivering the speech with which he had intended to open the exercises; and in which, at last, he succeeded so well, that his whole audi­ence were sobbing about him in a manner that ought to satisfy any orator, ancient or modern.
They knelt together, and the good man prayed, — for there are some feelings so agitated and tumultuous, that they can find rest only by being poured into the bosom of Almighty love, — and then, rising up, the new-found family embraced each other, with a holy trust in Him who