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554             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
On rising, another struck up a Methodist hymn, of which the burden was, —
" The year of Jubilee is come, Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.''
" One thing more," said George, as he stopped the con­gratulations of the throng ; " you all remember our good old Uncle Tom ? "
George here gave a short narration of the scene of his death, and of his loving farewell to all on the place, and added, —
" It was on his grave, my friends, that I resolved be­fore God, that I would never own another slave, while it was possible to free him ; that nobody, through me, should ever run the risk of being parted from home and friends, and dying on a lonely plantation, as he died. So, when you rejoice in your freedom, think that you owe it to that good old soul, and pay it back in kindness to his wife and children. Think of your freedom, every time you see Uncle Tom's Cabin; and let it be a memorial to put you all in mind to follow in his steps, and be as honest and faithful and Christian as he was."