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558             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Well, then, why do you want to leave me ? "
" Mas'r may die, and then who get me ? — I 'd rather be a free man."
After some deliberation, the young master replied, " Nathan, in your place, I think I should feel very much so, myself. You are free."
He immediately made him out free papers ; deposited a sum of money in the hands of the Quaker, to be judiciously used in assisting him to start in life, and left a very sen­sible and kind letter of advice to the young man. That letter was for some time in the writer's hands.
The author hopes she has done justice to that nobility, generosity, and humanity, which in many cases character­ize individuals at the South. Such instances save us from utter despair of our kind. But, she asks any person who knows the world, are such characters common, anywhere ?
For many years of her life, the author avoided all read­ing upon or allusion-to the subject of slavery, considering it as too painful to be inquired into, and one which ad­vancing light and civilization would certainly live down. But, since the legislative act of 1850, when she heard, with perfect surprise and consternation, Christian and humane people actually recommending the remanding es­caped fugitives into slavery, as a duty binding on good citizens, — when she heard, on all hands, from kind, com­passionate, and estimable people, in the free States of the North, deliberations and discussions as to what Christian duty could be on this head, — she could only think, These men and Christians cannot know what slavery is; if they did, such a question could never be open for discussion. And from this arose a desire to exhibit it in a living dro> matic reality. She has endeavored to show it fairly, in its best and its worst phases. In its best aspect, she has, perhaps, been successful; but, oh ! who shall say what yet remains untold in that valley and shadow of death that lies the other side ?
To you, generous, noble-minded men and women, of the