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564             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" C------ Full black ; stolen from Africa ; sold in New
Orleans; been free fifteen years ; paid for himself six hundred dollars; a farmer ; owns several farms in Indi­ana ; Presbyterian ; probably worth fifteen or twenty thou­sand dollars, all earned by himself.
" K------. Full black; dealer in real estate; worth
thirty thousand dollars; about forty years old; free six years ; paid eighteen hundred dollars for his family ; mem­ber of the Baptist Church; received a legacy from his master, which he has taken good care of and increased.
" G------. Full black; coal-dealer; about thirty years
old; worth eighteen thousand dollars; paid for himself twice, being once defrauded to the amount of sixteen hun­dred dollars; made all his money by his own efforts, — much of it while a slave, hiring his time of his master, and doing business for himself ; a fine, gentlemanly fellow.
" W------. Three fourths black; barber and waiter ;
from Kentucky; nineteen years free; paid for self and family over three thousand dollars ; worth twenty thou­sand dollars, all his own earnings ; deacon in the Baptist Church.
" G. D------. Three fourths black ; white washer ; from
Kentucky ; nine years free; paid fifteen hundred dollars for self and family; recently died, aged sixty ; worth six thousand dollars."
Professor Stowe says : " With all these, except G------,
I have been, for some years, personally acquainted, and make my statements from my own knowledge."
The writer well remembers an aged colored woman, who was employed as a washerwoman in her father's family. The daughter of this woman married a slave. She was a remarkably active and capable young woman, and, by her industry and thrift, and the most persevering self-denial, raised nine hundred dollars for her husband's freedom, which she paid, as she raised it, into the hands of his mas­ter. She yet wanted a hundred dollars of the price, when he died. She never recovered any of the money.