The Water Babies

Illustrated Online Children's Book by Charles Kingsley

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But as he was neither mad enough nor bad enough to be allowed such luxuries, they grew desperate, and fell into bad ways, viz. -
5. Suffumigations of sulphur. Herrwiggius his “Incomparable drink for madmen:”
Only they could not find out what it was.
Suffumigation of the liver of the fish * * *
Only they had forgotten its name, so Dr. Gray could not well procure them a specimen.
Metallic tractors. Holloway’s Ointment. Electro-biology.
Valentine Greatrakes his Stroking Cure. Spirit-rapping. Holloway’s Pills. Table-turning. Morison’s Pills. Homoeopathy. Parr’s Life Pills. Mesmerism. Pure Bosh. Exorcisms, for which the read Maleus Maleficarum, Nideri Formicarium, Delrio, Wierus, etc.
But could not get one that mentioned water-babies.
Hydropathy. Madame Rachel’s Elixir of Youth. The Poughkeepsie Seer his Prophecies. The distilled liquor of addle eggs. Pyropathy.
As successfully employed by the old inquisitors to cure the malady of thought, and now by the Persian Mollahs to cure that of rheumatism.
Geopathy, or burying him. Atmopathy, or steaming him.
Sympathy, after the method of Basil Valentine his Triumph of Antimony, and Kenelm Digby his Weapon-salve, which some call a hair of the dog that bit him. Hermopathy, or pouring mercury down his throat to move the animal spirits. Meteoropathy, or going up to the moon to look for his lost wits, as Ruggiero did for Orlando Furioso’s: only, having no hippogriff, they were forced to use a balloon; and, falling into the North Sea, were picked up by a Yarmouth herring-boat, and came home much the wiser, and all over scales.
Antipathy, or using him like “a man and a brother.”