The Water Babies

Illustrated Online Children's Book by Charles Kingsley

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crocodile, and two or three other little things which no one will know till the coming of the Cocqcigrues. And all this from what he learnt when he was a water-baby, underneath the sea.
ďAnd of course Tom married Ellie?Ē
My dear child, what a silly notion! Donít you know that no one ever marries in a fairy tale, under the rank of a prince or a princess?
ďAnd Tomís dog?Ē
Oh, you may see him any clear night in July; for the old dog-star was so worn out by the last three hot summers that there have been no dog-days since; so that they had to take him down and put Tomís dog up in his place. Therefore, as new brooms sweep clean, we may hope for some warm weather this year. And that is the end of my story.