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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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10                                  WILLIAM
" The man livin' nex' door." " What with ? "
" A poisoned pen-nib."
" Well, I bet I remember lots you don't. What else did you read ? "
" ' The Myst'ry of the Green Light.' "
" So'd I."
" Well, I read that one first 'cause Robert bought it an' lent it to Hector an' I read it before he lent it Hector."
" Well, then, I mus' remember it better than you accordin' to you with readin' it after you."
" Oh, shut up. . . . All right, we both remember them the same. What else did vou read ? "
" ' The Mystery of the Lonely House.' "
"So'd I. An' 'The Mvst'ry of the Haunted Wood.' "
"So'd I. An' 'The Myst'ry of the Seventh Staircase.' "
" So'd I."
" Readin' all those books makes me wonder whether anyone ever dies natural."
" They don't," said William mysteriously. " Robert says so. At least he says there's hundreds an' thousands of murders what no one finds out. You see, you c'n only find out a person's died nacheral by cuttin' 'em up an' they've not got time to cut everyone up what dies. They've simply not got the time. They do it like what they do with our desks at school. They jus' open one sometimes to see if it's all right. They've not got time to open 'em all every day. An' same as every time they do open a desk they find it untidy, jus' in the same way whenever they do cut anyone dead up they find he's been poisoned. Practically always. Robert says so. He says that the amount of people who poison people who aren't cut up and don't get found out mus' be enormous. Jus' think of it. People pois'nin' people all over the place an' no one findin'
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