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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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14                                 WILLIAM
course the police don't know that. It seems sort of silly to me not to make the police read all these myst'ry books. They'd soon find out murd'rers then. D'you remember in ' The Black Mask ' how he'd got a flower with a pois'nous scent and he jus' asked people to smell it and they died straight off lookin' as if they'd died natural so that no one thought of cuttin' 'em up to see if there was any poison inside of 'em. Till that man came along what found out all about it. I think that was jolly clever."
" Let's be detectives when we grow up," suggested Douglas.
" No," said William. " It's more fun bein' the man that comes along an' finds out all about it when the detectives have stopped tryin'. I'm goin to be one of that sort. I'm goin' to go on readin' myst'ry tales all the time from now till I'm grown up an' then I bet there won't be any way of killin' folks that I wont know all about so I'll be able to catch all the murd'rers there are an' I bet I'll be famous an' they'll put up a stachoo to me when I'm dead."
'' I bet they won't," said Ginger, irritated by William's egotism. " You'll prob'ly get murdered yourself before you've found out anythin' at all an' then Douglas an' Henry an' me'll find out who did it an' get famous."
11 Oh, will I ? " said William stung by this prophecy. " Well, I jolly well won't be an' if I am you can kin'ly leave me alone an' not come fussin' tryin' to find out who did it. If I'm murdered so's I can't find out who did it I jolly well don't want anyone else to. An' anyway I won't let anyone murder me. I'd always carry round a bottle of the stuff you drink that stops poisons pois'nin' you called Anecdote or somethin' like that an' whenever anyone tried to poison me I'd drink a bit. And I'd always carry a pistol in my pocket so if anyone ever tried to shoot me I'd shoot him first."
" You're jolly clever, aren't you ? " said Ginger sarcastically.
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