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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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" D'you think p'raps he has gone away for a holiday really, William, after all ? " said Henry tentatively.
" Course not !" said William with deep scorn, " course not. That's what he'd say nacherally. He's lucky, of course, that no one lives with old Scraggy an' so no one can have suspicion. That's what they always say. They always say they've gone away for a holiday. Then they stay on for a bit so as not to be suspicious, then go abroad, so's not to get caught."
" He di'n't look any richer, William," said Henry, doubtfully, " he hadn't bought a new suit or got new curtains or had his gate mended or anything."
" No," admitted William, " but sometimes they kill the man an' then can't find the money. D'you remember, Ginger, in ' The Myst'ry of the One-Eyed Man,' how he did that ? He knew he was a miser an' had a lot of money hid away in his house, so he killed him shootin' through the little hole he'd made to watch him countin' his money, an' then he cun't find the money. Looked for it everywhere but cun't find it. So he had to hang about lookin' for it, an' that was how they got hold of him 'cause of him hangin' about lookin' for the money 'stead of goin' off abroad where they couldn't catch him. I bet that that's what he's doin'. I bet that he's killed ole Scraggy for his money an' now cant find it same as the man in ' The Myst'ry of the One Eyed-Man.' He's buried ole Scraggy in his garden an' now he's hangin' about tryin' to find his money." He stopped dead in the middle of the road. "I say, let's go back again an' see what he's doin' now."
The Outlaws, ever ready for a little more excitement, agreed. Very, very cautiously they crept back down the road till they reached the two cottages again. They happened to arrive there at the moment when the tenant of Beechgrove was issuing from his neigh­bour's doorway, having watered his plants and fed
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