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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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his cat as he had promised to do in his neighbour's absence.
Unaware of the eight eyes watching him through the hedge he paused for a minute in his own garden and thoughtfully contemplated his rose bed. His roses weren't doing at all well. It was very disappointing. He must get some sort of insecticide to-morrow. He went slowly indoors. The Outlaws emerged from the ditch.
" There ! " gasped William. " There ! WeU, if that isn't proof. Abs'lute proof. Di'n't you see him ? All of you ? Comin' out of his house where he'd been lookin' for the money. Frownin' cause he cun't find it. An' simply cun't keep his eyes off his rose bed. D'you notice that. Simply cun't. Jus' like the man in The ■ Myst'ry of the Sundial.' That's where he's buried him. An' he can't find the money. Well, that's proof, i'n't it ? "
" I think we oughter go to the police," said Douglas, " now that we know."
" No, I'm goin' to do it same as they do in books," said William firmly. " They never go to the police in books. They find out all about it first an' then they jus' send for the police to take 'em to prison."
" Well, we've found out all about it," said Ginger.
" We've not found out enough" said William earnestly. " Not enough to send him to prison. If we hand him to the police now he'd just get out of it somehow. We've gotter get so much proof that he can't get out of it before we send for the police."
" How we goin' to get any more than what we've got ? " said Ginger. Dig up his rose bed for the dead body or somethin' like that ? "
" Nno," said William slowly. " I don' think we'd better do that. We've gotter be cautious. I mean I haven't got a pistol yet nor a bottle of that anecdote stuff an' I haven't any money to buy any till nex' Saturday an' I bet I shan't have then what with all
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