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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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the money they take off me for breakin' thing3. I don' quite know how much pistols an' bottles of anecdote costs but I bet they cost more than they'll give me when they find the mincing machine's broke though I bet you anything it would have broke anyway an' they were quite tiny bits of wood I put through an' it must 've been a rotten mincing machine to get broke with them . . . what was I talking about ? " he ended abruptly.
" You were sayin' you wun't go diggin' up the body," said Ginger.
" Oh yes," said William. " Well, I wun't. We cun't do it without makin' a noise an' he'd jus' come out an' kill us an' bury us in his garden in the night an' no one would ever know what had happened to us. They'd prob'ly think we'd run away to sea an' not bother any more about us. It would be silly to let him murder us like that before we'd got him hung."
" What shall we do, then ? " said Ginger anxiously ; " he might find the money any time an' go off abroad before we've got him."
" We'll have to think out a plan," said William, thrusting his hands into his pockets with a scowl indicative of deep thought. D'you remember in ' The Myst'ry of the One-Eyed Man ' he dressed up like the man the man had murdered an' went to the man an' got someone to hide with pieces of paper an' pencils an' write down all the man who'd murdered the man said an' he was so scared thinkin' he saw the man he'd murdered that he carried on somethin' terrible tellin' all about the murder an' the men that were hid with pieces of paper an' pencils wrote down all he said an' that counts in lor. I mean, if you can get a murd'rer to tell about his murder an' get men hid with pieces of paper an' pencils to write down what he says, it counts. He gets hung."
" Yes, but who could dress up as ole Scraggy ? " said Douglas dubiously.
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