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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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easy so we'd better go by the lane 'cause we'd better be a bit careful till we've caught him. D'you remember last time Farmer Jenks ran after us he said he was goin' to tell the police about us, so p'raps we'd better be careful for a bit."
They went slowly down the lane to where the two cottages, Oaklands and Beechgrove, stood together by the road side. The other Outlaws cast sidelong glances at William. Their doubts as to his appearance were growing stronger. His trousers were cut unevenly, his beard was obviously meant to adorn a larger face than William's and his wig was askew. Moreover, what of his face could be seen was, if not beautiful, uncompromisingly youthful. Only William himself had no doubts at all of the success of his disguise.
" Won't he get a shock when he sees me," he said with a chuckle that dislodged the insecure ear hook of his beard. " When he sees, as he thinks, his vict'm come back to life to avenge his foul murder. It said it that way in the ' Myst'ry of the One Eyed-Man,'" he admitted modestly as he hooked his beard over his ear again. "I di'n' think of it myself. I think it was a jolly clever way to say it. All those myst'ry tales are written by speshully clever writers. Not the ornery sort of writers that write books with girls' faces on the backs an' such-like. I may start writin' myst'ry books too after I've finished catchin' murd'rers. An' if I do, I'm goin' to have pictures of splashes of blood on the backs of all my books jus' to make sure of every­one buyin' 'em. I bet I'll be one of the richest men in the world by the time I've finished."
" Yes," said Ginger, " but what 're we goin' to do now ? We've got to his house."
Brought down to earth, William looked about him.
Both gardens were empty, though the tenant of Beechgrove could be seen in a further greenhouse.
" Let's get round to the other side of his house," said William, " so's he can't see us. 'S no good spoilin' it
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