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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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good trick same as I did. It is a good trick, too. Fancy both of us thinkin' of it. Nacherally I'm not the only one to get suspicious with him sudd'nly dis-appearin' like that an' him standin' all day watchin' the place he buried him when he isn't goin' to his house lookin' for the money. ..."
The figure was drawing nearer.
" He—he's got up jolly well," said Ginger doubtfully.
" Yes," admitted William. " Of course they've gotter lot of things for that sort of thing at Scotland Yard. Yes," he went on as the figure drew still nearer. " Yes, he is got up jolly well. He's done somethin' to his neck to make it look scraggy same as the real ones did. Yes, he's done his neck very well indeed. But of course they've got people at Scotland Yard what have nothin' else to do but make people look like other people. It's quite easy when you've had a bit of practice. I don' think he looks much more like him than me. It's his neck he's managed better, that's all. . . . Course, he may've had a neck like that to start with. That's prob'ly it. That's prob'ly why they chose him out to do it 'cause he had a neck like that to start with. . . . Look, he's goin' to speak to him. Now—listen."
Henry took out his note-book again, importantly.
" He's not got anyone to take down what he says," he said, " so I'd better do that."
They opened the door very slightly and peeped out.
The old man paused at the gate of Beechgrove and said :
" Afternoon, Mr. Smith."
The tenant of Beechgrove looked up from his rose bed and said :
" Afternoon, Mr. Barton . . . you back from your holiday ? "
"Well!" said William. "Well! Jus' listen to that. He's cleverer even than I thought he was. He knows it's a trick an' he's not goin' to be took in by
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