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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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40                                 WILLIAM
policeman. "I'd see 'em boxed with pleasure but it ain't none of my business doin' it. . . ."
William at last found his voice. " He's not him at all," he said, pointing dramatically at the old man; " they've murdered him an' he's a thief tryin' to get his money. He's dressed up like him but he's not him. They've murdered him an'-----"
The outburst seemed to draw the policeman's attention to him more closely. He looked at him, then at Ginger, then at Henry, then at Douglas.
Then a gleam came into his eye and he took out his note-book again.
" Look 'ere," he said, " aren't you the four nippers what Farmer Jenks said-----"
But the Outlaws were merely four dots on the horizon.
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