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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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56                                  WILLIAM
was chained up there. What I want to know is how comes it that my dog's gone and this wretched cur's in its place."
" Wretched cur, indeed ! You thought enough of it to steal it."
" I never stole it. My own dog-----"
" I don t believe you ever had a dog."
" What do you call me ! "
" Liar I"
" Dog thief ! "
" Dog thief ! "
" I'll call up the police this instant."
" Do, and I'll give you in charge."
" Yes, and I demand my dog of you. What have you done with it ? Stolen a valuable pedigree dog and put a miserable mongrel in its place."
" Liar !"
" Thief !"
" Thief yourself."
" Liar yourself."
" I'll call-----"
" I demand-----"
At that minute they turned and saw the Outlaws standing, a helpless, fascinated group. WTilliam was still holding the original fox-terrier by his collar.
" There's my dog ! " yelled the terrier's owner.
The terrier leapt upon him in ecstatic recognition. He was a dog with a very large heart.
The spell that had till now held the Outlaws paralysed ceased to hold them and they fled precip­itately down the road.
They were pursued by angry shouts from the two men. From the shouts the Outlaws gathered that they had recognised William and were going to tell his father.
" Crumbs ! " panted William as they stopped at the
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