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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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58                                  WILLIAM
" Let's go down by his house," he said, " an' see if we can meet him."
By one of the strokes of good luck that occasionally befell the Outlaws they did meet him. They met him in the lane leading to his house. At first sight he took them for a punitive expedition and his face paled with apprehension. But nothing could have exceeded the friendliness with which William accosted him.
" Hello, Hubert. How are you ? "
Hubert, still looking a little apprehensive, said that he was very well.
The Outlaws began to walk down the lane with him.
" I say, that was a jolly good trick you played on us yesterday," said William. " As a matter of fact," he continued shamelessly, " we were jolly glad to see those things gone. We'd just been wonderin' what we were goin' to do with them. They were jus' a few ole bad ones left over from our tea. We'd eaten all the nice ones and we'd had all the ginger ale we could drink and we were jus' wondering what to do with those few ole bad cakes an' ginger ale left over, when we found you'd taken 'em. I can tell you we were jolly glad. We di'n' want to leave 'em about in the wood cause' of makin' the place untidy an' we di'n' want to take 'em home 'cause of none of us likin' 'em. So we were jolly glad, I can tell you, to find 'em gone."
Hubert's mouth had dropped open with dismay and disappointment. Hubert was very credulous.
" Oh ! " was all he said.
" Yes. What 're you goin' to do to-day, Hubert ? " went on William pleasantly.
" I don't know," said Hubert cautiously.
" We're goin' to have a lovely time," said William enthusiastically. " We've gotter go out this nimorn', but this afternoon we're goin' to have a lovely time."
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