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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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" What 're you goin' to do ? " inquired Hubert with interest.
" Saw up wood," said William with a world of pleasurable anticipation in his voice. " We've been tryin' to get some logs to saw up into small pieces for ever so long an' now at last we've got some. They're in our wood shed. We'd rather saw wood than anythin' else, wouldn't we ? " he appealed to the Outlaws.
The Outlaws said that they would.
" We'd rather do it than play Red Indians or—or anythin'," went on William. " We're jolly well lookin' forward to this afternoon when we" re goin' to saw those logs. We've gotter be out all this mornin' but we shall be thinkin' all the time of those lovely logs an' the lovely time we're goin' to have sawin' 'em up this afternoon. Here's your house, isn't it, Hubert ? You goin' in ? Good-bye, Hubert."
The Outlaws turned and walked back down the lane.
" I bet it'll be all right," said William. " They'll want to do another trick on us 'cause of thinkin' that yesterday's didn't come off. Let's wait about quarter of an hour an' then I'll go'n' look."
In about a quarter of an hour William crept back to the garden and peeped in at the wood shed window. Hubert and his friends were there sawing up the logs.
William rejoined the Outlaws. " 'S all right," he called out joyously. " We can go fishin' all day."
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