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WILLIAM'S DOUBLE LIFE                73
to be got. He must pay another visit to Miss Murga-troyd's pond. In any case, it would be rather dull to leave the situation as it was.
The next morning he set off as usual to The Laburnums carrying his fishing paraphernalia. He spent a very happy morning in the orchard and by the pond. He exercised greater caution than before, fre­quently turning round to make sure that his enemy was not again approaching from the rear. So cautious was he that he saw his enemy approaching as soon as she entered the orchard, and hastily gathered up his paraphernalia and took to his heels without wasting time on any unnecessary courtesies. She did not pursue him, but her words reached him clearly as he fled across the orchard to his hole.
" I shall certainly tell your parents this time, William. I only let you off yesterday for your brother's sake. I shall not let you off again."
William ran down the road without stopping to reply and went straight to the shed where he kept his aquarium, to put in his day's bag and count the whole. He hadn't got as many to-day as he thought he had. Only 20. He must have dropped some in his headlong flight. He'd still 60 to get. He must get those to-morrow. He must get those to-morrow. William had a bump of determination that would put most ordinary bumps of determination to shame. He'd decided to have 200 fishes in his aquarium, and it was going to take more than a woman with spectacles and a lot of hair to stop him. He felt quite confident of success. There was still Algernon. The resources of Algernon had surely not yet been exhausted. . . .
After lunch, during which William behaved with an exemplariness that aroused his mother's deepest apprehensions, he went up to perform a drastic toilet in secret. His mother was lying down when he crept downstairs in that state of radiant cleanliness and neatness that served as his disguise. His mother
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