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WILLIAM'S DOUBLE LIFE                83
vengeance. Ginger had come to meet him and was waiting at the front gate, so together they carried the precious pail to their stronghold, the old barn. Ginger's excitement and admiration knew no bounds.
" It's the finest one I've ever seen," he said, and added wistfully, " I bet you had some fun getting it."
" Oh yes," said William meaningly, " I had some fun all right," and added, " what sort 'f a holiday 've you had J "
" Rotten," said Ginger mournfully. " Everyone cross. Everyone. Didn't come across a single person all the time that wasn't cross."
At this point Douglas joined them. Douglas, too, had just returned from his holiday.
His raptures over William's aquarium were as ardent and genuine as Ginger's. But after about ten minutes, he suddenly remembered something and said to William:
" When I passed your house there was your father and mother and another woman all out in the road looking for you."
" Did they look mad ? " said William with interest.
" Yes, they did, rather," said Douglas.
" Well, it doesn't matter much," said William resignedly, "I've got the fishes away all right, anyway. They can't throw them away now. That's the only thing that really matters. An' I'll give 'em time to get over it a bit before I go home."
" How did you get 'em all, William ? " said Ginger and Douglas as they hung spell-bound over the pail.
William settled down comfortably by his beloved aquarium and chuckled.
"I'll tell you about it," he said.
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