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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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94                                  WILLIAM
Then he nodded to himself, reassured. It was all right. The little devil was still there, sitting at his desk and learning his Latin verbs. The caretaker had been rather anxious at being left in charge of this particular little devil because he knew that he was a more devilish little devil than most of the little devils, but he seemed to be turning out quite harmless on this occasion. Satisfied, the caretaker took himself back to his own quarters.
Meanwhile, William, clutching Henry's overcoat tightly round him to hide his black velvet suit and lace collar, was walking down the road with his followers. Ginger was jauntily elaborating his plan. Its success so far had gone to his head.
" An' you know ole Markie never goes back, so it'll be all right. You can have a good look round an' we'll be back by the end of the hour an' it'll be all right an' it looks jus' like you from the door."
" I think it was jolly clever of you to think of it," said William generously, giving honour where honour was due, then, opening the overcoat to glance down at his costume, added dispassionately, " Queer sort of clothes it wears."
" We got in by a hole in the tent," said Ginger. " They're jolly fine, the others. You'll like 'em. There's Guy Fawkes."
" P'raps William 'd better not go in," said Douglas cautiously. " If anyone happened to see his suit there'd be an awful fuss. They might take us to prison for stealing."
" We didn't steal anjiihing," said Ginger hotly, " we only borrowed it. Well, there's no law against borrowing, is there ? "
" No, but I think William'd better not go into the waxworks," persisted Douglas. " There'd be a fuss if they saw he was wearing their clothes. He can go round the stalls and go on the roundabout."
" Oh, can I ? " said William with heavy sarcasm.
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