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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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Henry the Eighth and said, " He's beginning to move, too. I sor him movin'. They're all comin' alive," and the whole body of spectators suddenly made a rush for the doorway.
The people in the fair ground also stood spell-bound with astonishment. They had seen no waxwork come to life, but they had seen a boy strangely attired in a black velvet suit and lace collar and a black velvet feathered hat dashing across the ground in fierce pursuit of a little crowd of normally attired boys. The wax­work show spectators followed. The showman and the bored-looking youth followed them. The youth had shed his boredom with his straw and was leaping along, uttering shrill cries of excitement. At the end of the fair ground the showman gave up the chase and re­turned (still running) to his tent. It had perhaps occurred to him that what had happened to one might happen to another, and he had horrible mental visions of Guy Fawkes with his gunpowder, or the executioner with his axe, running amok through the fair ground. The bored-looking youth followed him, eager to be in at the coming to life of the next wax­work. The Outlaws, who had been standing in a little crowd at the door of the tent where they could just see William, followed in the wake of William's strange figure across the fair ground. Outside the fair ground William forgot the Hubert Laneites and the uncontrollable fury that had sent him after them. He found himself in a public road wearing a humiliating costume that would attract scorn and ridicule from all beholders, and thought only of escaping from the public gaze. He left the Hubert Laneites to go pant­ing and puffing but unpursued down the lane that led to Hubert's home, while he turned into a lane and ran by devious ways till he reached the barn which was the Outlaws' meeting place. His pursuers had given up the chase (William was a fleet runner), but the Outlaws had made straight for the old barn
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