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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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They didn't feel like trying it on again, however. They'd heard something already.
They went to the old barn to discuss the affair in all its aspects.
Ginger, Henry and Douglas sat on the ground. William, of his own choice, stood, for Mr. Markson, sacrificing himself to the noble cause of discipline, had deliberately brought on one of the worst attacks of arthritis in his right arm he'd had for a long time.
" Well, what I say about it is," said William, " that in spite of the crule way people treat boys now­adays I'd sooner live nowadays than then. I'd sooner be treated in the crule way they treat boys nowadays jus' when it happens than have to wear collars that tickle your neck and feathers that tickle your face all the time. Well, that's what I think anyway, and I oughter know ; I've tried both."
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