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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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" I think," said William, " that it's time we did something a little more exciting than some of the things we've been doing lately."
" They seem exciting enough to me!" retorted Ginger.
" Oh yes," admitted William, " they're excitin' in a way all right, but they're the sort of thing we've always done. What we want is somethin' new. You know. Somethin'we've never done before."
" Yes," said Douglas sardonically, " some of your things are a bit too excitin' for us. That time you had greyhound racin' with Jumble, an' that time you pretended to be a waxwork."
" Now that's a thing we've never done an' I've always thought it would be nice to do," said William, " have a waxwork show. What about havin' a waxwork show ? It's quite a long time since we had any sort of a show. People 'll be thinkin' we can't think of anythin' else to do an' I shun't like people to get thinkin' things like that about us."
" You mean have a waxwork show an' let people come an' watch it ? " said Henry with growing interest.
"Make 'em pay, of course," said William; "we'll have it in aid of somethin', same as grown-ups do."
" In aid of us," suggested Ginger.
" No, we can't do that," said Douglas; " they keep a bit for expenses, but they give the rest to something."
" The worst of givin' money to things," said William slowly, " is that one doesn't get anythin' out of it
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