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108                                WILLIAM
oneself. I'd like it if we could find a way of givin' money to somethin' an' still gettin' somethin' out of it ourselves."
"Well, we can't," said Ginger; "we've jus' got to choose somethin' to give it to and give it to it."
" WTiat'll we give it to ? "
"Oh, there's lots of things to giva it to. Societies they call 'em. Lookin' after old people an' givin' socks to fishermen—that sort of thing."
" I don't feel as if I could get up much interest in anythin' like that," said William. " All the old people I know can look after themselves a jolly sight too well an' I don't see what fishermen want with socks."
" Well, those aren't the only two," said Ginger irritably; " there's heaps more. There's one for sendin' children to the sea."
" I've always wanted to go to sea," said William with interest, " but I didn't know there was a Society-----"
" Not that sort of goin' to sea," said Ginger. " Goin' to the seaside, I mean."
" Well, I never see why people want to go to the seaside," said William. " Nothin' but sand. I jolly well get fed up with sand in a day. And the water tastes nasty an' everyone's cross. Well, I bet we don't give any money to any of those. What others are there ? "
" There's—oh, there's lots, but I don't remember 'em. I know that one of 'em belongs to Mr. Peters, at The Elms, you know. It's somethin' for old people, or children, or animals, or fishermen, or somethin': I know he goes round gettin' money for it."
" We'll give it to that one, then," said William finally; " then he'll have to let us play in his shrubbery 'stead of chasin' us out same as he does now. Yes, I bet that would be a very good Socity to give it to. We'll keep half the money ourselves for expenses,
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