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" What were they ? "
"Crusades? " said Ginger vaguely. "Oh, they were jus' things people went to wearin' armour an' such­like. There wasn't much goin' on at home those days, you see. It was before cinemas an' things were invented. They'd gotter do somethin'."
" Well, we're not much nearer a waxwork show," said William irritably (he objected to being taught history by Ginger), " 'cept Alfred and the cakes. . . . Oh, an' I suppose we can have King George goin' to the Crusades. Wasn't there somethin' about a dragon too ? I seem to think that King George did somethin' to a dragon."
" No," said Ginger, "we'd better leave that part out. We haven't anyone to be a dragon, anyway. We'll just have him goin' to the Crusades in armour."
" That'll be quite easy," said William thought­fully, " trays an' things tied round him an' a saucepan on his head. I won't be him," he added hastily, "I'm the showman. Besides, I never have any luck with saucepans. They always seem too big when they're on my head an' then when they've slipped down over my face they seem too small. They nearly tore off all the front of my face gettin' the last one off. I went on feeling the feeling of it for ever so long afterwards. Well, then, we'll have Alfred and the cakes an' King George goin' off to the Crusades. What did King Charles do ? Somethin' about oak trees, wasn't it ? "
" He was killed," said Ginger.
"I bet he wasn't," challenged William, with spirit, " I bet it was somethin' to do with oak trees."
" Oh, well, never mind," said Ginger wearily. Ginger was tired of historical discussions, and in any case felt rather unsure of his ground. "It doesn't much matter what they did. We've only gotter dress up as them, anyway. It doesn't matter what
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