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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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114                                WILLIAM
else what gives shows free an' without people havin' to pay money to go in."
" Kin'ly tell us," retorted the potential patrons, " anyone else what gives such rotten shows as you do."
The argument then shifted from the plane of reason to the physical plane, and the main problem was forgotten in the exhilaration of the contest. It was, of course, William who had a brilliant idea next day.
"Tell you what," he said to the Outlaws, "tell you what, let's give it free the first day and charge the second day an' be diff'rent history people the second day. See ? They'll have enjoyed it so much the first day that they'll all want to come the second day an' pay money."
The others were not quite so optimistic as William,
but his plan was, as usual, adopted. As William said,
" Anyway it'll be fun doin' it twice as diff'rent people." ******
William was a glorious sight as showman. He wore his red Indian costume and had corked a luxuriant moustache and an imperial upon his face. He wore also a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles that for no particular reason generally formed part of any character he impersonated.
Douglas was Alfred as slightly unpopular. Ginger, by the exercise of much skill and ingenuity, had managed to abstract two slightly burnt cakes from the cook's last batch. Douglas had turned up at the rehearsals with these and they had given an atmosphere of verisimilitude to the whole affair that had greatly impressed the others. It was annoying therefore to find on the day of the performance that Douglas had been overcome with hunger in the early morning and had eaten them. Ginger, after having tried without success to abstract two more, had brought two potatoes to take their place, but it was felt that the potatoes were less convincing, and Douglas, despite his gorgeous appearance, was under a cloud. He wore a long pair
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