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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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118                                WILLIAM
was, but it was all to do with the oak tree. He was trespassin' in the oak tree. The oak tree was in some­one's field an' they had him up an' put him to death for it, same as they did in those days. The lor was different in those days-----"
" But I thought------" began the student.
William ceased trying to accommodate his story to the facts of history as revealed by the student and turned to simpler methods.
" You can jolly well shut up or get out," he said to the student.
" All right," murmured the student pacifically. " All right. All I meant was that it says in my history book-----"
" Well, your history book's wrong," said William. " Do you think I'd be havin' a waxwork show of history people like this, if I didn't know all about 'em ? Your history book's all wrong. It was written ever so many years ago an' I've found out a lot of things about history what no one knew when your history book was written. So you'd better listen to me or get out."
So impressive was William's tone and mien that that young student subsided and ever hereafter regarded his history book with deep distrust.
" Looks to me," said another critic, " jus' like Douglas dressed up. "
" Yes," said William, unperturbed, " I ahd it made like Douglas. I thought it would be more int'restin' to have it made like someone we all knew. It was more expensive, of course, but I thought it'd be more int'restin' for you all."
" Made of wax, did you say ? " said a red-headed member of the audience, peering over the dividing string.
" Yes," said William, " very good wax."
" He's winkhr his eyes."
" Yes. I had 'em made to wink their eyes," said William, " so as to look more nachural. It costs more
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