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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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WILLIAM THE SHOWMAN               119
to have 'em made that way, but it looks more nachural. More like what the real person must 've looked like. Real people always wink their eyes, so that's why I had my waxworks made to wink their eyes—so as to look more nachural—more like the real person must 've looked like—winkin' their eyes like what the real person did. Look at 'em. They all wink their eyes." Ginger, Henry and Douglas promptly began to blink with great violence. " There's speshul machinery inside 'em makin' 'em wink their eyes. Very expensive machinery."
" They're breathin', said the investigator leaning yet further over the string. " I can see 'em—breathin' —breathin' an' movin'."
" Yes, I had 'em made to breathe an' move," said William calmly. " There's speshul machinery inside 'em makin' 'em breathe—so as to make 'em look more nachural." Then he proceeded hastily with his lecture.
11 The nex' one, ladies an' gentlemen, is King George goin' off to the Crusades."
" What are they ? " said the red-headed investigator.
" Things people went to in armour."
" I bet you're thinkin' of Saint George."
" Some call him one an' some the other," said William with dignity. " I call him King George," and continued hastily: " He lived in anshunt times an' he went out to the Crusades."
" What were the Crusades ? " demanded a member of the audience.
" Islands," said William with a burst of inspiration, " like the Hebrides what we learnt in Geography las' week. He went out to 'em wearin' armour an' such­like."
" What for ? " said the red-headed boy simply.
" Oh, shut up," said William wearily.
" I thought he had something to do with a dragon," said the student, recovering something of his poise. " I've seen a picture of him with a dragon."
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