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WILLIAM THE SHOWMAN              121
" I bet they won't," protested Ginger. " I bet you anythin' you like they won't."
" Well, but we'll all be diff'rent people," said William, " it'll be quite a fresh show."
" I've heard 'em sayin' they won't come again," said Douglas sadly.
" Well, I can't understand why not," said William with spirit. " I simply can't understand why not. It seems to me it's jus' hke the sort of waxwork show people do pay money to see. It's the meanness of folks round here-----"
They hastily pulled him down from his favourite hobby-horse.
" Never mind that," said Ginger. " Let's try'n' think what we can do to make 'em pay to come in."
" Have animals as well. I mean dress up as wax­work animals," suggested Henry.
This suggestion was dismissed as impracticable. Then Douglas said, " Of course most waxworks have ladies in. Queens an' such-like. P'raps that's why they don't want to come. P'raps if we had ladies in-----"
" All right," said William, " I'll dress up as a lady if you'll be the showman. I had jus' about enough of bein' the showman yesterday. I'm sick of people askin' questions an' pretendin' to know such a lot. An' then everyone startin' fightin'."
" You don't look much like a lady," said Ginger, eyeing William's countenance doubtfully.
" Well, I can disguise myself to look like a lady, can't I ? " said William. " Anyone can shurely disguise themselves to look like a lady."
" Yes, but they always have to be beautiful ladies for waxwork shows an' such-like," said Douglas, "not the ordinary sort."
" Well, shurely I can disguise myself to look like a beautiful lady, can't I ? " challenged William with spirit.
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