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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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WILLIAM THE SHOWMAN              123
there will be a new lady acter with them to-morro the most wonderful lady acter of waxworks in the world speshully butiful come from along way of at grate expence to be in the sho the most butiful lady acter of waxworks ever none ax before kings and queens in speshully butiful clos william brown."
" That's all right, isn't it ? " he said with modest pride as he showed it to the Outlaws.
" I bet it's spelt wrong," said Ginger, irritated by William's superior manner.
" What's spelt wrong ? " challenged William.
"Lots of it," said Ginger, not liking to commit himself too definitely; " you've never wrote anythin' yet that wasn't all spelt wrong."
" Neither 've you," said William. " I don't see that it matters. I know that to me there always seems to be more sense in my sort of spelling than there is in the sort of spelling you find in books. Seems to me people ought to be let spell the way that comes easiest to them."
"So do I," said Ginger, retreating from a position which in view of his own spelling capabilities he felt to be untenable. " So do I. I think so, too. Yes, I think it's a jolly good notice but I think all our names ought to be on it, too."
" All right," said William obligingly, " I'll put your names on too."
" An' you oughter begin, ' We the undersigned/ that's what they always do."
" We the what ? "
" The undersigned."
" How do you spell it ? "
" I don't know. But it's the proper way to begin a notice. What are you goin' to be doin' as Mary Queen of Scots ? Bein' killed or somethin' ? "
" No ,I'm not," said William, " I'm goin' to be jus' lookin' soppy same as Ethel does. I'll be holdin' some
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