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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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flowers. There's a photograph of Ethel in our drawing-room lookin' soppy holding flowers what everyone says is very beautiful. I'll be lookin' jus' like it."
Again Ginger gazed doubtfully at William's counte­nance, but again, for the sake of peace, refrained from comment.                                                                       
William successfully " borrowed " the Mary Queen of Scots costume from Ethel's bedroom in her absence.
It had been made for Ethel many years ago, when she was at school and taking part in some theatricals, and it fitted William fairly well. It cannot be said that it suited him. William's bullet head with its shock of wirv hair and William's stern, homelv, freckled face emerged strangely from the elaborate ruff. He " borrowed " a boudoir cap of Ethel's to enhance the general effect, but his face looked more unromantic than ever when framed in cascades of lace and baby ribbon. Even William could not pretend that he was satisfied with his appearance, nor could he deceive himself so far as to believe that it would be accepted without protest by his audience as that of the most beautiful actress in the world. It was still William—shock-headed, carroty, lacking in almost every element of beauty. But William was a born optimist. Flowers. Ethel in the much-admired photograph was holding flowers. Flowers would probably make all the differ­ence. It was useless to try to get flowers at home. Relationships between William and the gardener were more strained than usual owing to the fact that William had recently " borrowed" some of the gardener's plant stakes to use as arrows. It would be useless to ask the gardener for flowers and it would be more useless still to try to get them without asking the gardener, because the gardener had formed the habit of watching William's every movement when William was in the garden. William therefore changed into his actress's dress and, clad in a long mackintosh, made his way as unobtrusively as possible to the old barn where the
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