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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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134                                WILLIAM
one. Miss Perkins and the child approached from the left. The actress did not move her head or look towards them for fear of upsetting the pose.
" You just sit down on the little footstool that's at my feet, darling," she said, and added, afraid lest the smile should lose its freshness, " quickly."
The child sat down obediently on the footstool at her feet.
The young man with the harassed expression was gaping at the child, his eyes and mouth wide open. His harassed expression became almost wild.
" This isn't—isn't-----? " he stammered to Miss
" Yes, it is," said Miss Perkins stonily.
He too blinked, blenched and swallowed. The child, now seated on the footstool, fixed him with a stern gaze.
" Do be quick," said the actress, still smiling dreamily into the distance.
11 Y—yes," stammered the young man diving beneath his black cloth. He'd have dived anywhere to escape from the sight of the child.
There came a sound of a little click.
" Finished ?" said the actress still without moving.
" Y—yes."
" Well, I want you to take another of me just like this, but alone. I'm keeping this pose exactly as it is because I think it's such a good one. You run away now, darling."
The child arose and ran away. The second photo­graph was taken. Three more were taken. Then the actress relaxed and looked about her.
" My little Rosemary's gone to change, I suppose ? "
Miss Perkins supposed so.
" Isn't she a beautiful child ? " said the actress.
" Exquisite," said Miss Perkins, rising nobly to the occasion.
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