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spirit added : " Well, I wasn't goin' to have 'em going on like that."
" Well," said Ginger, " they'll jolly well go on like that at the end of the fortnight when they find out that we've got nothin' an' they've got their five pounds. They'll tell everyone, too."
" Well," said William, trying to carry off the situa­tion but without much conviction in his voice, " we— we've jus' got to get ten pounds then."
" 'S easy to talk" said Ginger, and added darkly, " Talkin's what's wrong with you. You talk too much."
" Well, what would you've done ? " said William indignantly, " jus' lettem go on an' not said anythin' ?"
" Jus' punched his face," suggested Ginger.
" Yes," said William scathingly, " an' him standin' jus' outside his front door. He'd 've been in before we'd opened the gate an' sent the gardener round to us same as he did last time."
" Well, .we've jus' gotter make the best of it, I s'pose," said Douglas with a deep sigh, " jus' try'n' keep out of their way at the end of the fortnight when they find that they've got five pounds an' we've got nothin'. That's all we can do."
" Yes," said Henry gloomily, " an' it won't be so easy to keep out of their way. They'll be carryin' on at us all the time an' they'll tell everyone."
" Well," said William aggressively but still without conviction, " we've jus' gotter get ten pounds. There mus' be ways of gettin' ten pounds. If there isn't, how do people that do get it get it ? "
The logic of this was of course unassailable.
" Well," said Ginger with heavy sarcasm, " if you c'n find a way, find it."
" And I can," said William airily. " Lots of people get ten pounds. Well, that shows there mus' be ways of gettin' it, doesn't it ? "
'"All right, go on an' find a way," encouraged Ginger coldly. " It was you what said you could. Not us."
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