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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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asking for money and they didn't get on very far. They met in fact with a coldness and a lack of response that would have made their opinions of their relatives even lower than it was, had that been possible.
" I went round to them all," said Ginger mournfully, "an' my Aunt Emma she said ' Certainly not, after your ball comin' in through my landin' window like it did last week ' ; an' my Uncle John said ' Cert'n'ly not after you goin' over my lawn with your scooter the way you did yesterday.' An' my Aunt Jane said ' Cert'n'ly not after you chasin' my dear Pussy as I saw you last week,' an' my Uncle George said ' Cert'n'ly not after you throwin' stones up at my walnut tree like I saw you doin' yesterday,' an' my Uncle John said ' Cert'n'ly not after you climbin' my rose pole an' breakin' it'; an' all the others said things like that." . ..
" So did all mine," said William sadly.
" An' so did all mine," said Henry and Douglas, and Douglas added:
" Seems sort of extr'ordin'y to me the sort of mem'ries they've got. If ever they say, p'raps they'll take you to the pantomine nex' Christmas, you'll jolly well never find 'em rememberin', but if you do jus' a little thing like breakin' a window quite by accident, well, you'll jolly well never find 'em forgettin'."
" Well," said William with a sigh of disappointment, " we'll try doin' little services for them for cash next, then, like what he said."
Again the expectations of the Outlaws were low, nor did events prove them wrong.
They tried at first to persuade their parents and relations to engage them in some capacity at a definite salary, and were so far successful that William's elder brother promised him twopence if he would clean his bicycle, but subsequently not only refused to pay him but committed violent physical assault upon him because William, who considered it his duty in the interests of science to dismember it before cleaning
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