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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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144                                WILLIAM
(William loved taking anything to pieces), misplaced several vital parts in reassembling it.
The experiences of the others were similar.
" Said he'd give me sixpence for weedin' his garden," said Ginger indignantly, an' then said all the things I'd pulled up was all plants an' all the things I'd left in was weeds. Well, how was I to know ? They looked like plants. They were quite pretty, too, some of 'em with little flowers on 'em. I don't call 'em weeds when they've got little flowers on 'em. He ought to 've labelled 'em if he's so particular. I wouldn't be a gardener not for anything. They mus' have a rotten time tellin' which is plants an' which is weeds."
Douglas had been engaged by an aunt to saw some logs, but he had put the saw out of action on the first log.
" It mus' have been a jolly weak sort of saw," grumbled Douglas. " Well, it mils' have been. All those little tin spiky things went crooked almost as soon as I started, an' it kept sort of stickin' in the wood. Well, that can't 've been my fault, can it ? She said I'd runed her saw an' it would cost her a lot of money to get it put right. I said that it mus' have been a jolly weak sort if it went wrong the minute anyone started sawin' with it, but she seemed so mad that I didn't stay to argue with her."
Henry, however, had made the sum of twopence. His brother had—somewhat foolishly—paid him in advance for taking a note to the present object of his affection. Henry had faithfully taken the note, but on the way he had met an errand-boy who had rashly mimicked his gait and expression. Henry had resented this and after a spirited exchange of verbal insults a contest had ensued in the course of which Henry had received a black eye and the errand-boy a burst nose. The note which Henry had dropped in the thrill of battle had received the first evidence of the errand-boy's burst
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