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" Well," said the hostess hastily, with an anxious eye upon Toto's mistress who was waiting open-mouthed for an opportunity to re-enter the conversation, " it's a sort of society for discussing things. We meet for tea and discuss things once a week. We discuss the burning things of the day such as Communism and Vivisection and the Longer Skirt and things like that. Then when we've finished we give the rest of the time to tea and ordinary conversation. Of course an intellectual discussion oughtn't to last too long because it's so exhausting to the intellect. Sometimes we get a book out of the library to read it up beforehand, but we've discussed most of the subjects there are books about in the library now so we have to rely upon the light of Nature."
" How wonderful," breathed the earnest lady earnestly.
" Toto's always-----" began the lady in the red hat
determinedly but her hostess unceremoniously broke in.
" They are always intellectual discussions, of course. Most intellectual. We discussed the drama last week. Some of us had been up to see that sweet new musical comedy at the Gaiety, so we felt quite au courant. It's too sweet for words, you know. Such smart dresses and the sweetest tunes. Have you seen it ? "
" No," said the earnest lady earnestly, " but how marvellous."
" Toto's always-----" began the lady in the red hat,
but no one took any notice of her and her hostess broke in again :
" We give tea in turns after the discussions, and we all pay a small subscription which goes to social work. We do social work locally, you know. Last year we presented the Cottage Hospital with an Encyclopaedia. So useful, you know, for convalescents doing cross­word puzzles-----"
" How wonderful ! "
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