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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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" They seem to stay just about the same," said the stout lady, keeping an unblinking stare upon the Outlaws, and added, " or perhaps they get a bit plainer."
" I'm sure that Toto was psychic," said Toto's mistress tearfully ; " I'm sure he was. Somehow he used to snap and bark for no reason at all. I'm sure he saw things."
The stout lady took her eyes off the Outlaws to gaze with interest at Toto's mistress, and they took advan­tage of that moment to take a hasty step backwards.
" Are they still there ? " said the hostess.
The seer looked again.
" No," she said, " they've vanished."
" Something must have disturbed the waves," said the hostess.
But unfortunately at that minute the Outlaws, trying to get farther away from her range of vision, knocked a table over. At the sound the stout lady craned her head into the room.
" I can see them again," she said. " And they're real boys. They must be. They've just knocked a table over."
" Real boys ! " said the hostess in horror. " How annoying ! Who can they be ? Oh, perhaps they're the boys we sent to the seaside. I told them to come here as soon as they were able and tell us all about it. They must have come to-day and the maid must have forgotten to tell me. . . ."
She went to the French window and flung it wide.
" Come out here, boys," she said. " How stupid of you to stay in there without saying anything. And pick up that table. How clumsy you are. I didn't want you to-day, but now that you've come you'd better tell us about your treat. Come along."
She motioned them on to the verandah. They stood and gazed at her in helpless bewilderment. They had oaught only fragments of the conversation and did not
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