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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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This parental ban did not very seriously disquiet the Outlaws. " What I'm goin' to take it to mean," said William, " is that we've not gotter let off any fireworks where they can see or hear 'em. Well, that's nacherally what they mean, isn't it ? I mean, you don't mind anythin' you can't see, do you ? You nacherally don't. So it's jus' that that they mean. They don't like lookin' at fireworks an' they don't like the sound of 'em and so that's why they've told us not to have 'em. But it'll be all right nacherally if we have 'em where they can't see 'em or hear 'em. That's what they mean. Well, anyway," he ended shortly, " that what's I'm goin' to think they mean." The other Outlaws agreed that that was what they were going to think they meant too.
The days before November the Fifth were spent in preparation. The Outlaws had decided to hold their show in the field behind the old barn and preparations were made in the old barn. The chief preparation consisted in the making of the guy. William had successfully " borrowed " from the box-room, where the rummage goods were being stored, the brown over­coat and grey hat that had been the property of Colonel Masters. Moreover, they had secured a mask with very red cheeks and an upturned moustache that bore a strong resemblance to the military gentleman himself, and from these materials they had manufactured a guy truly worthy of the magnificence of the occasion. No one can see it an' not know who it's meant to be," said William gazing at it with deep satisfaction, " and it's all right about the clothes 'cause the sale isn't till a week after Fireworks Day an' we're only borrowin' them. We needn't reelly burn them. At least," he said slowly, " If they sort of catch fire we won't be able to help it. They'll be mad, of course, but," he ended simply, " after a firework show like what ours is goin' to be it won t matter much what happens to us afterwards. It'll be worth it."
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