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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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182                                WILLIAM
chap. And his father in hospital. The fireworks going off as they were getting them ready. Nasty, dangerous things. She'd begged Alexander not to have them this year, but he was so obstinate. She had terrible visions of Alexander with his face bandaged up and his arm in a sling like this poor boy, or being carried off to hospital like this poor boy's father. Just went off as they were getting them ready. . . . Terrible. There came another knock at the front door. She went to answer it. Another small boy stood there. He leaned heavily upon two sticks and his face was bandaged. He too spoke with exquisite politeness.
" I hope you'll kin'ly excuse me for troublin' you," he said, " but would you kin'ly tell me the way to the doctor's ? "
" Good gracious ! " gasped Miss Masters.
" It's not for me," said the boy, " it's for my pore uncle. We were jus' gettin' the fireworks ready this mornin' an' they went off. My uncle's in bed hurt very bad indeed. Doesn't think he'll ever be able to walk again."
" Good heavens ! " gasped Miss Masters, " how terrible, how very terrible ! "
" I'm only hurt a bit, of course," said the boy modestly; " the doctor says that I'll be able to walk without sticks quite all right in about three months, but my uncle's hurt very bad indeed. I'm goin' to the doctor's now for some more medicine for him. But I don't live here. I'm only stayin' with him. So that's why I don't know the way to the doctor's, so I came to ask you very kin'ly to tell me."
In a faint voice Miss Masters directed him to the doctor's, received his exquisitely-polite thanks and watched him hobble slowly and painfully down the drive. He hobbled beautifully till he had turned the corner of the road and then, like the other boy, he began to leap and run and tear off his bandages. An observer would have supposed that that corner of the road
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