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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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" Yes," said the apparition in its muffled voice, " a norful accident. I was jus' gettin' our fireworks ready for to-night." Miss Masters groaned. " An' a lot of 'em went off sudden, without any warnin' at all. Our doctor says there's been a norful lot of accidents to-day 'cause of that. He says that ever so many people 've had orful accidents with them. He says that he thinks there's somethin' wrong with the gunpowder people "ve made the fireworks out of this year, an' that other people oughter be warned about it. That's what he says. I look somethin' orful under this bandage. You've no ideas All blown up." Miss Masters shuddered and closed her eyes. " Somethin' orful," went on William, pleased and encouraged by her expression. " Well, I was jus' passm' like what I told you, an' I saw your shed with the fireworks in an' I thought that I'd better warn the person they belonged to, to save her bein' blown up like what I was. I thought that I'd better warn the person they belonged to that there was somethin' wrong with the gunpowder what was bein' put in fireworks this year. Do they belong to you ? " ended the muffled voice innocently.
" No," said Miss Masters wildly, " they don't. They belong to my brother. I know that what you said is true because I have already seen two other victims of the terrible accidents you describe. My poor boy. Does it hurt much."
" Somethin' terrible," said the muffled voice, " worse than toothache. But I don't care about myself. I wanted to save other people from sufferin' agony like what I'm sufferin'. You'd better ask your brother not to let off his fireworks else he'll have an orful accident same as me' an' the others."
" But I've begged him not to," wailed Miss Masters. " He won't listen to me. . . . Oh, what shall I do ? '
" Tell you what," said the muffled voice suddenly; '" I've jus' thought of somethin'. Let me take 'em away from you an' throw 'em into the stream so that
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