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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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no one 'll be able to let 'em off. I'll do that for you. Jus' to save anyone else going through the orful agony what I'm sufferin'. I feel as if I don't ever want to see 'em or touch 'em again, but jus' to save your brother from sufferin' the orful agony I'm sufferin', I'll do that for you. I'll take 'em all down to the stream an' throw 'em in so that they can't go off sudden an' make anyone else suffer the orful agony what I'm sufferin'. Jus' to help you save your brother from orful agony, I'll do that, though I feel I never want to see 'em or touch 'em again."
The whole eye gazed expectantly at Miss Masters through the aperture in the mass of bandages.
" But I daren't," moaned Miss Masters. " I really daren't. He'd be so angry. No, I daren't do that. It would be wrong."
The eye gazed at her speculatively for a minute, as if in deep thought, then brightened.
" Tell you what," said the muffled voice, " there wouldn't be any harm jus' unlocking the shed door an' chancin' 'em gettin' stole, would there ? That wouldn't be the same as givin' 'em away to someone, would it ? Well, that's what I'd do if I was you. I'd leave the shed door open an' chance 'em gettin' stole. Mind you, maybe no one 'll steal 'em with all these accidents about. They'll all know about the wrong sort of gunpowder bein' used in 'em this year. Still, p'raps some tramp 'll take 'em. Anyway, that's what I'd do. I wun't give 'em away to someone to put in the stream either. I don't think that's right. But I think that leavin' the shed door unlocked and chancin' 'em gettin' stole's quite different. I'd do that all right. I wun't do the other either, but I would do that. I don't think there'd be anything wrong in that. Well, I wun't s'gest it if I thought it was wrong," the muffled voice ended anxiously.
Miss Masters wrung her hands again. " It doesn't seem—it doesn't seem quite right," she said, " but I
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