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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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188                                WILLIAM
ban the Outlaws were holding—or rather were just about to hold—a firework display in the field behind the old barn. Aflame with righteous indignation, the four fathers left the high road and proceeded over the field to the scene of the crime.
The display was just on the point of beginning when they arrived. The guy stood in the middle — an impressive figure with his grey bowler, brown overcoat and upturned military moustache. Around, affixed to trees, were Catherine wheels of every size, and William already held a rocket in his hand. The four fathers had walked to the scene prepared to exact summary retribution, but the minute they arrived on the scene something happened. They had been boys together.
" Catherine wheels," said Ginger's father. " I say —they're about twice the size of the ones we used to have."
" And the fools have got them fixed up all wrong," said William's father, proceeding to fix them up all right.
" And look at the way this idiot's holding the rocket," said Douglas's father, taking it from William and proceeding to hold it the right way, absently applying a light to it as he did so.
William's father had set off one of the Catherine wheels, Ginger's father was setting off the rockets, Henry's father was just preparing a Roman candle, and Douglas's father was opening another box of rockets.
" I say," Douglas's father was saying, " do you remember that Fifth when you-----? "
And Ginger's father was saying at the same time, " Do you remember that Fifth when we-----? "
They seemed suddenly to notice the presence of the Outlaws. " Clear off, you kids," they said shortly, " what are you hanging about for ? Clear off ! "
Dumbfounded and aghast at the turn events had taken, the Outlaws cleared off.
They walked slowly down the road away from the
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