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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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200                               WILLIAM
that seemed more likely to be an incubus than a help to them in their scouting operations.
William and Henry found an oasis where they rested and refreshed themselves with dates. Then they set out on the task of tracking down the hostile tribes.
'' I bet I can see them from yon tall tree,'' said William, who fitfully tried to invest his speech with such dignity as befitted an Arab chief. " Methinks I'll have a jolly good try anyway."
The tall tree was an evergreen oak, thickly leaved and easy of ascent, that had more than once served William, in his role of pirate, as a ship on his previous lawless expedition in the wood. Henry was enjoined to stay to guard the camp ; an elaborate system of signs in whistles was arranged between them and William set off jauntily to his tree, bis sheet trailing about him. Garbed thus, he was finding the ascent more difficult than usual but was accomplishing it quite creditably when to his horror he heard voices just beneath the tree—feminine voices speaking with the indefinable in­tonations of those who are not trespassers but have every right to be where they are. William froze into silent immobility, and peered down through the branches. He could just see them. There was a girl with fair hair and a girl with dark hair. They were talking earnestly and in low voices, but their words reached William quite plainly in his leafy bower.
" But why must he come here ? " said the girl with
" I told you, didn't I ? " said the other " he's brilliant in every way except for this extraordinary bee that he's got in his bonnet about Mars. You know he's convinced that he's been getting messages from Mars. And what's more, he's convinced that the messages say that an inhabitant of Mars is going to visit him to-day and that he'll meet him just here. He was out all yesterday doing most complicated measurements to find the exact spot where he was going
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